What is eNPS?

eNPS stands for employee net promoter scores

Fun facts about NPS scores

  • It was introduced in a Harvard Business Review article titled One Number You Need to Grow
  • The lowest possible NPS score is −100 (it means everybody is a detractor), and the highest is 100 (everybody is a promoter)
  • An objectively good NPS score is 50
  • An NPS survey asks a single question: How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?

How eNPS got started

eNPS sprang out of a pretty simple need: to keep tabs on employee morale at my startup, one of many in San Francisco that competes to hire top talent. Our problem was not so much on the hiring side. It was being able to detect low morale and address the problem before people started leaving.

When an employee resigns, it's very costly to any business. Churn is expensive, and sometimes it can snowball. When one employee leaves, others may follow, especially if the cause for the departure is internal rather than external, like a bad manager or CEO.

A few years after I started my first company, I wanted an easy way to track employee morale over time. I wanted to send out the survey on a regular interval so I could see trends. I wanted the surveys to be anonymous so my employees could give me honest opinions. And I wanted it to be simple to use -- and inexpensive!

To my dismay, such a tool did not exist. So it was back to the occasional SurveyMonkey or Google Form. Eventually, I stopped sending the survey because it was too much of a pain to string the survey data points together over time.

Anonymous eNPS surveys

A lot of NPS services already exist. Here are a few:

None of these will work to collect Employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS) because these customer NPS surveys are not anonymous. That's the whole point! You want to know precisely who your promoters are so you can send them presents and ask them for testimonials. You don't collect eNPS surveys to reward your employees. You do it so you can get valuable honest feedback.

The eNPS philosophy

We are passionate about employee happiness. We're also passionate about helping small businesses succeed. Where these two objectives overlap is the win-win scenario that business schools study. It's the virtuous cycle where happy employees build better products, which empowers their employers to re-invest in their employees' happiness. This is what we're trying to enable with Employee NPS Surveys.

That's the macro picture. At the product level, we believe in simplicity and transparency. We believe that great software shouldn't always be sold with expensive, annual licenses. We're month-to-month, cancelable any time, and free to a lot of businesses. Once you reach a payed tier, it's still inexpensive. We also believe that software should be simple. That's why eNPS is just one question. Simple, yet incredibly powerful.

Finally, we ourselves strive to be among the best of the businesses we work with. We want our customers and our employees to be equally satisfied, and that's why we pride ourselves on great customer support.

Happy employees and happy customers go hand in hand.