Just a dollar per survey sent!

No hidden fees. One simple membership. Pay for what you use. Cancel any time.


eNPS Membership

No strings | Cancel any time
  • Membership Cost
  • $99 per month
  • Surveys Cost
  • $1/ea (per survey sent by email)
  • $2/ea (per survey sent by text message)
  • Included Membership Features
  • Only pay for surveys when you send them
  • Automatic reminders to survey recipients
  • Set it and forget -- new surveys send automatically
  • API access and support
  • Bulk import recipients and export results
  • Phone and email support included
What's with the membership?

The membership is a low flat monthly minimum charge that covers your software access. Application usage is charged separately at $1 per survey recipient.

What counts as a survey recipient?

A $1 charge is added to your account whenever eNPS sends a survey to a recipient. It's the unit of measure here on eNPS and counts whether the survey is filled out by the recipient or not.

What other costs are there?

None! It's just $99 per month and $1 per recipient and you'll have full visibility into how you're charged each month.

How often will I be charged?

The membership is charged immediately and the recipient costs are charged at the end of your monthly billing cycle. We will invoice you for both the next month's membership and the previous month's surveys in one combined invoice.

Why do you do it this way instead of tiered monthly subscriptions?

It just feels better. We used to be like every other web software app and have several monthly plans, each with a different cost and survey sending limit and make you do the math to figure out which one's the best deal. And you then might not use all your surveys and feel bad for wasting them. Metered billing (that's what our deal is technically called) means you only pay for what you use. Nifty, right?

Can I buy bulk survey sends and skip the membership?

Yes, but we need you to buy in units of 1,000 recipients. For bulk credit buys you can pay with credit card, PayPal, BTC, or ETH. Email ryan@toofr.llc to arrange it.

Can I segment by department?

Of course! Include a department when you upload your recipients and we'll provide additional department-level analyses for you.

How often do the surveys send?

You can choose from every week, every two weeks, every month, every two months, every quarter, every two quarters, and yearly. We recommend sending the survey every one to three months.

What other survey questions can I ask?

An eNPS survey is only question in the form, "How likely are you to recommend working at Your Company to a friend?" You can customize this language and we'll include an open comment field is available for people who would like to elaborate.

Is eNPS made for big companies or small companies?

eNPS is decidedly not a full-featured employee satisfaction app. It is built for small businesses and small departments within large businesses. We are priced so that business owners and managers of small departments won't need to hesitate or ask permission before purchasing.