Why You Should Hire During the Holidays

Don't believe the myths you hear and miss out on dedicated job seekers.

Updated on November 19, 2018

Needing to fill a position does not miraculously change over the holidays. Most hiring managers and recruiters believe the myths about hiring during the holidays and scale back their efforts or postpone them altogether until the new year. Sure, hiring over the holidays takes extra patience as candidates take longer than usual to respond, but that does not mean there isn't a pool of candidates ready to interview.

After taking a closer look, you will realize companies that do not hire during the holidays are missing out on top candidates, lowered competition and getting a head start for the new year. Read on to learn why you should hire during the holidays.

Less Competition

Hiring during November and December means less competition. Fewer companies are hiring, and in a job-seekers market, that means you have your pick of the best candidates before they have a competing offer to consider.


Get a Head Start

The new year and start of a new quarter is hectic enough when you have a fully-staffed team, but trying to fill a new position on top of all that is simply inefficient and overwhelming. Instead of saving the job listings, interviews and onboarding for the new year, get ahead of your competition by already having your new hires starting onboarding come the new year’s eve countdown.


Ambitious Hiring Pool

Hiring during the holidays gives you access to a candidate pool that’s more ambitious than the norm. You can be certain that the person making time for applications and interviews over the holidays is serious about the job opportunity and ready to get started. Plus, not everyone can make time for interviews throughout the year without their current employer knowing. Sporadic holidays schedules and heavy use of PTO gives candidates the flexibility needed for interviews.


Referrals & Networking

Hiring during the holiday season is a great way to take advantage of the networks of your employees that came out as Promoters in your most recent eNPS survey. Over the holidays, most people reconnect with family and old friends they do not usually see, putting your company in front of that many new potential hires.

As soon as Thanksgiving is rolling around, put the word out to your Promoters that you are hiring and want referrals. That way, it is at the forefront of their minds as they inevitably talk about work with friends and family (potential candidates) over the holidays.

About the author: Tara Caguiat is a marketing professional with a passion for blogging, travel and yoga. She frequently writes for Beach.com and her personal blog, SheNeedsLess.com.

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