Transform Your Business From the Inside Out With eNPS

No one knows a business better than its employees, so why not ask them where to improve?

Updated on May 9, 2019

Having an issue with hiring, turnover or low productivity in your workplace but don’t know where to begin making changes? No one knows better than your employees.

Start With an eNPS Survey

Traditionally, Net Promoter Scores measure how likely someone is to recommend your product or service—how loyal they are to your brand. An Employee Net Promoter Score measures how likely your employees are to recommend your company as a place to work. It shows how your employees feel about their workplace and why.


eNPS Measures Employee Loyalty

Loyal employees work harder, recommend your business and products more often, care about the success of your business more than dissatisfied employees and stay longer.

eNPS Saves Money & Morale

Turnover is really expensive—approximately 10-30 percent of the employee’s salary. Since eNPS surveys help you improve your business and employee work environment, retention rates go up and turnover costs go down.


eNPS Helps Turn All Employees Into Promoters

At the end of the eNPS survey, there's an open-ended comment box that allows employees to explain their answer. Be sure to use this comment box to get specifics on why the employee answered the way they did; that way, you learn exactly what you are doing right and wrong. Make it clear to employees that they can be honest and their answers will help improve their workplace. By listening to the answers from detractors and making positive changes, you'll slowly turn detractors into promoters—ultimately helping your business soar!


Creating an eNPS Survey

Creating an eNPS survey is easy on and this short video walks you through the process. You can send your eNPS survey out via email or text and we even ensure anonymity by not revealing results to you until enough responses are in. Employee net promoter scores are most valuable when evaluated regularly so be sure to set how frequently you'd like the survey to automatically go out.

Our program calculates your eNPS, but if you want to know the formula for yourself, it's: # of promoters - # of detractors / total respondents x 100. Anyone who answers 0-6 is a Detractor, 7-8 Passive and 9-10 Promoters.

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