Measure Satisfaction of Your Remote Employees

Use eNPS to automatically collect monthly or weekly eNPS scores while employees work from home

Posted on March 31, 2020

Use eNPS to automatically collect monthly or weekly eNPS scores while employees are working from home for the first time.


Frequent Polling

COVID-19 is rapidly changing the face of employment and employee satisfaction is changing with it.

Quarterly or even monthly surveys may not be enough granularity to track how your employees feel working through a pandemic. In under two weeks, the US—along with the rest of the Western world—effectively shut down. Moscow, Russia went under mandatory lockdown with just four hours of notice for citizens! The real estate market came to a screeching halt, handshakes are denied in favor of elbow bumps and you can say goodbye to a celebratory gathering (or any gathering of more that 10 people for that matter).

It's safe to say your employees are dealing with a lot more than setting up a home office. It's now more important than ever to ask how they are doing with work.


Simple Polling

Employees don't want to be bombarded with complex surveys that make them think and take time out of an already upended and chaotic schedule. eNPS is a single-question poll that can be completed in seconds. Employees hardly have to pause what they're doing to answer, generating more honest feedback. In fact, the data is better when responses are ad hoc, gut reactions to the question.


Pulse Polling

Employees can give anonymous comments, and if enough of them form a pattern, you can send a single-question follow-up poll (we call it a pulse) that addresses that concern. It's a fast and anonymous way to get feedback on a company policy .


Anonymous Threads

Finally, eNPS comes included with the ability to interact anonymously with respondents. You can reply to a comment and give one-on-one encouragement or support as needed.

We understand these are difficult times. However, you can't solve what you don't measure, and eNPS gives you the intel you need to keep your organization moving forward while so much is up in the air.