How to Use eNPS Insights

Our new Insights feature shows you when there's been a big change in eNPS so you can take action

Updated on April 30, 2020

New product alert! After each round of surveys, eNPS automatically scans your eNPS data for interesting insights.

What Is eNPS Insights?

Let's say you've uploaded employees in 3 different locations and 2 different departments. In order to see what's happening at each of those 3 different locations and 2 different departments, you'd have to set 5 different filters.

Confused? Let's use an example!

Departments: - HR - Engineering

Locations: - San Francisco - London - Remote

Maybe you want to ask questions like these: - How's my eNPS score trending in San Francisco? - Is my Engineering team doing okay? - How does my HR team compare to my London office?

To answer these, you'd have to set your filters 5 different times, like so: 1. Department: HR 2. Department: Engineering 3. Location: San Francisco 4. Location: London 5. Location: Remote

That's a lot of work! When you start looking at combinations of locations and departments, it gets even more complex. How many different ways can you combine a set of 2 (HR and Engineering) with a set of 3 (San Francisco, London, and Remote)? To calculate that number, multiply the sizes of each set together: 2 x 3 = 6. There are 6 ways to look at each combo:

  1. HR in San Francisco
  2. HR in London
  3. HR Remote
  4. Engineering in San Francisco
  5. Engineering in London
  6. Engineering Remote

If you send out a eNPS survey monthly, then you're having to check those 6 combination filters plus the 5 individual filters every month. That's 11 different filters every month. Too much work!

Our new Insights feature does this hard work for you. It runs a filter on each of those locations and departments to see if there's been a big change in eNPS. If there has, it tells you and gives you a link to review the source data, including the raw eNPS scores and comments.


eNPS Insights Example

For example, maybe the San Francisco office has a drop in eNPS because the commute is so bad (you'd check out the eNPS comments to figure that out!) Or maybe the HR department has a spike in eNPS because they got early bonuses. We'll tell you when there's a big change in eNPS to make it easy for you to know where to look and which comments to review. This will save you lots of time -- and give you advance notice before a teammate decides to leave your company.

Why Use eNPS Insights?

Insights is great for board reporting or crisis management (such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, a huge issue at the time of this writing). gives you timeseries, longitudinal data that you can use to visualize trends and make sure that your most valuable assets -- your employees -- stay with you through crises.

When you need to stay on top of issues and trends at your workplace, the combination of regular surveying and our new Insights tool will keep you ahead of the curve.

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