How to Improve Your Employee Net Promoter Score

Increase productivity, loyalty and net income using employee feedback

Updated on January 24, 2021

Your Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) doesn't just tell you how satisfied your employees are, it also gives you the opportunity to improve their satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

What Is a Good eNPS Score?

eNPS scores are generated by asking one question: How likely are you to recommend working here to a friend?

Answers are given on a scale of 0 to 10, with zero being very unlikely and 10 being extremely likely. A promoter is someone who scores a 9 or 10. Detractors score 6 or lower, and scores with 7 or 8 are neutral.

You want to have as many promoters as possible so that your average eNPS score equals 9 or 10.


Why You Should Increase Your eNPS Score

Think about it. When you like or really enjoy something, you want to share it with others—be it a clothing brand, hobby, or workplace. That's why raising your eNPS score is so important.

When employees want to recommend your business to their friends, it's likely they also:

  • work hard,
  • plan on working there a long time,
  • want to see the company succeed,
  • and want customers to be satisfied.


Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Satisfied employees tend to be in a better mood while working and provide better customer service than dissatisfied employees.

A 2019 study by Glassdoor established a strong link between employee satisfaction and customer experience. The study determinded, "Each 1-star improvement in an employer’s Glassdoor company rating out of 5 is associated with a statistically significant 1.3-point increase in customer satisfaction out of 100."

Decreases Turnover

Turnover costs companies approximately 6-9 months salary (for the position they're hiring for)on the low end and up to two years salary for high earners on average, according to SHRM.

Want to save that money? Invest in employee engagement. Gallup's article "The Right Culture: Not Just About Employee Satisfaction" determined that engaged workers are more likely to stay at their jobs. "In high-turnover organizations, highly engaged business units achieve 24% less turnover. In low-turnover organizations, the gains are even more dramatic: Highly engaged business units achieve 59% less turnover."

Increases Productivity & Profits

According to the State of the American Workplace report by Gallup, highly engaged employees are 17% more productive and generate 21% higher profits than disengaged employees.

Twenty-one percent higher profits—need we say more?

How to Improve Your eNPS Score?

Giving feedback takes a lot of courage, anonymous or not.

When you're about to send out eNPS surveys, make sure employees realize how much company leadership cares about their satisfaction, both in the workplace and in their specific role. When employees understand their honest feedback will be used to make changes in the company, they're more likely to give thoughtful feedback!

Show Your Appreciation

First, show your appreciation.

When management goes as far as telling employees how much they appreciate them and that they want to improve their experience at the company, employees take it to heart.


Send Timely Surveys

Sending surveys too frequently doesn't give you ample time to make changes. Sending eNPS infrequently (or randomly) may not inspire faith in employees' belief that feedback matters and changes will be made. lets you measure eNPS weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. Determining how often you should measure eNPS comes down to your specific business, how likely employees are to respond and how quickly you can act on the data.

Take Action on Feedback

The second, optional question or comment box in an eNPS survey often tells you exactly what went wrong in an employee's experience or how you can improve something in the company. On, you can customize this box to ask for specific feedback however is in line with your company.

If employees don't fill it out, make a point to have managers address their teams to get insight into every eNPS score, high or low.


In addition, try to respond to every piece of feedback, even if it's in a company-wide meeting or a simple email. When each employee knows they are heard and that specific action will be taken on their feedback, they'll continue giving honest feedback. 😊

Hold Managers Accountable

Improving employee engagement is a team effort, especially in larger companies.

Managers know their teams better than anyone in the company. Be sure your managers are following up on feedback and reiterating the importance of honestly answering surveys.

Send eNPS Surveys With Us!

Joining is easy, and sending eNPS surveys is even easier! surveys are:

  • Simple—just one question and recipients don't have to log in to anything!
  • Anonymous—always.
  • Convenient—you can send via email and text message!

Feel free to email if you have any questions on increasing your eNPS score, or need help getting started!

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