How Often Should You Measure eNPS?

Learn the sweet spot for measuring employee satisfaction

Updated on January 24, 2021

Waning smiles around the office, low participation in team-building activities—could satisfaction and engagement be lacking among your employees?

The best way to find out is by asking!

Imgur Simplifies Survey Sending surveys are a painless way to get feedback from employees and "take the temperature" of the team.

Many businesses are concerned with how to run employee surveys, when and the cost. But eNPS makes sending surveys and measuring employee satisfaction simple and affordable. You simply set up the survey and decide how frequently you want to send it, and then wait for the results to roll in.

Imgur Survey Frequency Options gives you several frequency options to choose from:

  • weekly
  • monthly
  • quarterly
  • twice-yearly
  • yearly

Choosing the Right Frequency for Your Business

The frequency you choose might be based on a few factors:

  • How frequently you can analyze and react to the data
  • How likely your recipients are to respond

Our Recommended eNPS Survey Frequency

Monthly data is great for time-sensitive changes. It can capture more granular changes in eNPS that might be reactions to new HR policies, management hires, or CEO announcements. Quarterly surveys may be harder to pin down. Was the eNPS score drop due to our earnings announcement? Did eNPS rise because of the new work-from-home policy? It will be difficult to establish a cause for movement when you survey less frequently.

Our recommendation, therefore, is to survey monthly. It's not so often that your employees will stop responding (it's a one-question survey once per month, after all), and it's frequent enough to capture changes in eNPS that you can use to make better decisions.


Make the Most of Each Survey

Remind employees a survey is coming up and that it is an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings on their job satisfaction. Employees will take eNPS surveys seriously if you position them as something crucial to business success (because employee satisfaction is!).

Make sure you have enough time between surveys to act on employee feedback. You must be prepared to take action on employee feedback and eNPS survey results. After all, you're trying to better your business and that's only possible by keeping the people running it happy and fulfilled in their work!

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