eNPS.co vs Lattice vs Culture Amp

Do you need tons of features or one simple tool?

Updated on April 14, 2021

Human Resources professionals are more equipped than ever before.

A simple Google search for "top HR tools" reveals hundreds, if not thousands, of comprehensive software options for ensuring employees have the best experience possible and business thrives. Imgur

Unfortunately, HR Tech Can Get Really Expensive

While big HR tech is powerful and enables HR to transform a company from the inside out, it's expensive and cumbersome. Many businesses don't need all the fancy products and end up wasting money. Or worse, wasting time sifting through endless features.

Learn What's Right for Your Biz

Fortunately, you've got options! There are plenty of simple tools out there that can solve one problem at a time for an affordable price—and eNPS is one of them.

We're going to compare eNPS to two superb, full-service employee engagement platforms so you're best positioned to decide what is right for your company. Imgur


eNPS.co seems incredibly simple because it was designed to be just that.

It's the perfect solution for you to get insight on employee satisfaction affordably and easily. It's just one question that you send out to all your employees with the click of a button.

If you have hundreds of distributed or part-time employees, you probably don't need Lattice or Culture Amp for them. You can save big bucks by piecing together your HR system with only the necessary tools—and let eNPS.co handle the satisfaction question.

Once you set up the initial survey, you can automate the rest so tests go out on their own as often as you'd like. You only need to login to see the results.

eNPS Top Features

  • All eNPS surveys are anonymous—always!
  • Automate surveys—collect eNPS scores effortlessly.
  • eNPS is really quick—it's just one question!
  • Employees don't need to log into eNPS—no passwords to remember.
  • SMS text or email surveys—convenient and simple!
  • Team Survey Dashboard—clear results for actionable takeaways.

That's it!

eNPS Pricing



Lattice is a full-scale employee management software for HR and management. The software helps "turn employees into high performers, managers into leaders, and companies into the best places to work."

Lattice Top Features

Lattice's core tools cover employee engagement, performance management and employee development. Lattice then aggregates all data and findings into an Analytics dashboard so you can easily understand the state of your team. Imgur Employee Engagement

Lattice's employee engagement offerings are do exactly what eNPS does but it's a little fancier with a lot of extra features.

  • Send engagement surveys to employees
  • Custom survey options and templates
  • Make sense of engagement feedback in Analytics
  • Make an action plan for improving and addressing concerns

Performance Management

You can host your performance reviews completely from your Lattice account, plus all these other features:

  • Give feedback and get feedback
  • Celebrate employees for big wins publically (through Slack integration)
  • Set expectations

Employee Development

Lattice's Employee Development features set your employees on a path of success and acceleration. It helps both management and employees keep track of the competencies and milestones in the path for upward movement and growth in a career.

  • Employees can follow the "track" of their role and see what they need to grow
  • Give managers insight on hiring needs and understanding of each employee's ability in their role
  • Opens the line of communication about growth for both managers and employees

Lattice Pricing


Culture Amp

Culture Amp describes itself as a "people and culture platform". This robust software can indeed make your company a better place to work with impressive solutions for everything from reducing turnover to guiding your team through a merger or acquisition.

Culture Amp Top Features

Culture Amp segments its offerings into Engage, Perform, and Amplify. You can subscribe to packages for just one product or the entire platform. Imgur Engage

  • Engagement and pulse surveys
  • Specific insights on your employee experience during onboarding and exit
  • Pre-written survey questions designed by experts
  • Compare your results with common benchmarks and similar organizations
  • Understand reasons behind turnover


  • Performance evaluations
  • Growth and development resources/coaching
  • Understand key skills in employees that drive success
  • Goal tracking
  • Give and receive feedback for employees, managers and teams


  • Training and development for managers
  • Science-backed resources
  • Daily coaching exercises
  • Tips and support for 1-on-1 meetings

Culture Amp Pricing

Imgur Culture Amp's website doesn't list pricing, but Get App states their plans start at $3,300/year.


Every business and team is different and will have different needs. If you have a small, part-time or remote team, it's unlikely you'll need all the extra tools that come with platforms like Lattice and Culture Amp.

eNPS.co alone can give you powerful insight that helps you improve employee satisfaction and engagement and build a solid team for your business. Imgur On the other hand, if you have a large team of full-time employees, you may need some of these extra tools to keep everything on track with employee satisfaction.

Unfortunately, most businesses don't realize they need these tools until their team (and eNPS score) is already suffering. Whether big or small, starting out with eNPS.co is an easy, affordable way to understand employee satisfaction immediately and start making improvements.

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