Building Your HR Tech Stack: Everything You Need to Know

Find the right tools for maximizing productivity in your team

Updated on May 3, 2021

Human Resources is more than managing compensation, benefits, and the employee life cycle. You get the opportunity to enhance the lives of your employees by providing an incredible working environment where each and every person thrives.

The online tools your team uses to work, get paid and grow make a big impact on their overall experience at the company.

Whether you're starting at a new company or revamping your HR tools, this list will save you hours of research and maximize the entire organization's productivity!

Payroll & Benefits



Justworks is one of the most simple and straight forward HR admin platforms. Employees will love how easy it is to navigate. Justworks has payroll, benefits, PTO calculators, 24/7 support and so much more.

One of their most convenient features is compliance. The professional employer organization (PEO) has an entire section dedicated to ensuring your business complies with employment regulations.


Similar to Justworks, Gusto is extremely easy to use.

Payroll, benefits, time tracking, hiring, onboarding and compliance make it a full-service HR software that makes your job so much easier.

Gusto also has a few amazing features for employees. Gusto Cashout helps employees pay bills in between paydays, and there's an option to donate money to the cause of your choosing right in the Gusto interface—tax deductible!

Plus, you'll love their cute piggy mascot. ;)


Zenefits is a comprehensive HR software that covers all the HR functions.

In addition to covering the basics like payroll, benefits, onboarding and HR Admin, Zenefits also has performance reviews.

You'll love being able to schedule performance reviews in the platform, use pre-build templates and even host one-on-ones!




Slack is the ultimate team communication platform. On their website they define Slack as, "a new way to communicate—faster than email and more focused than chat."

Slack makes work communications seamless and fun!

  • Create channels for specific topics within your company
  • Tag teammates so your message doesn't get overlooked
  • Notify multiple teammates at once
  • Send custom giphys that make your whole team laugh
  • Add emojis to messages to convey something quick like "👍" or show your reaction 🤣
  • Call or video chat with your Slack contacts

Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

Google Workspace is the king of collaboration! Plus, most of your employees are likely already familiar with many Google products (like Gmail, Calendar and Docs).

It has tools for video conferencing, chat, custom emails, collaborative Calendar, live documents and presentations, and more! You can also invite non-gmail users to your meetings and calendar.


Discord describes its product as, "Discord is for anyone who could use a place to talk with their friends and communities."

While it's branded more for personal or social use rather than professional, this handy tool makes group communication easy and fun. Imgur


Notion has SO many uses.

You can use it for project management, team collaboration and for storing important documents or company information. For example, if your entire company works remote, you can input the company mission statement, policies and employee directory for the entire team to access at any time!

In addition, you can make any Notion page a publicly accessible website to share with people outside your organization.

Notion is also great for personal use (and free). Take notes, organize upcoming tasks and boost your productivity. We use Notion at eNPS and I organized this article in Notion before writing it!

Scheduling & Time Tracking



Calendly is an automated scheduling software that "helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails."

You set your rules for when you're available for meetings and send an open calendar link to whoever you're meeting. That person can then see your openings and choose a time without having to coordinate with you directly.

It integrates with Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar as well as with apps like Salesforce, Zapier and GoToMeeting. Calendly is used by top companies like Linkedin and Zendesk for painless scheduling.


Hourstack is a "visual time management tool for teams of any size."

It helps you and management understand exactly how your team spends their time. It helps your team boost productivity by tracking their time and scheduling each task for maximum efficiency.

Hourstack integrates with Asana, Slack, Google Calendar, HubSpot, Trello, Zapier and more!

Company Spending



Brex is a corporate credit card service that gives you high limits with no personal guarantee and up to 8x points for amazing rewards like travel miles and gift cards.

With Brex you can automate your company bill pay and track expenses of all company cards in real time.




Nothing improves engagement like employee appreciation, and that's exactly what Fond is for!

Fond is an employee rewards and perks program that lets you show your appreciation to your employees. It's broken into two parts, Fond Rewards and Fond Perks.

Rewards is when you give your employees gift cards, company swag or even an award nomination. Perks is giving your employees access to discounts on gym memberships, entertainment, travel and more.

The interface also allows employees to get in on the recognition by congratulating other employees with likes and comments!

Recruiting & Hiring



Breezy HR software helps you manage your entire recruiting and hiring process.

You can advertise your job posting to 50+ job boards and manage the hiring process with relevant team members. Your hiring dashboard in Breezy clearly lays out all applicants as they come in so you can easily see their resume, cover letter and questionnaire answers, and communicate directly with candidates.

Breezy also has a simple drag and drop feature for sorting through candidates without a headache. You can discuss each candidate with the team in the "Team Discussion" section, make notes and then move each candidate to the appropriate column, like "Applied", "Rejected", "Interview", etc.


Greenhouse is one-stop-shop recruiting and onboarding software that gives both you and job candidates an incredible experience.

Survey candidates, gather hiring data from insightful reports and set new hires up for success with a consistent and organized onboarding process.

One of Greenhouse's coolest features is their mobile app that lets you continue the hiring process on the go!

Performance Reviews



Lattice helps keep your team on track and accountable with tools covering employee engagement, performance management and employee development.

This HR software makes it easy to communicate with your employees in an automated way so you can stay in tune with their weekly satisfaction, work and growth. Lattice also has an impressive Analytics dashboard that gives you actionable insight across your entire workforce.

If you use an HR software like Zenefits that has performance reviews built in, you probably won't need Lattice or Culture Amp (below).

Culture Amp

Similar to Lattice, Culture Amp helps you form and manage your culture with engagement insights, performance evaluations and regular feedback.

In addition to amazing analytics, you get turnover prediction and insights on high performers!

Read our other blog post on Culture Amp and Lattice for more details about these HR platforms.

Engagement Tracking



eNPS is the simplest engagement tracking software you'll find. It's affordable, anonymous, easy to use and, it only takes 1-2 minutes of your team's time.

eNPS measures employee engagement by asking one simple question to your employees: How likely are you to recommend working here to a friend?

Your employees answer using a scale of 1-10 and you calculate your employee net promoter score using everyone's answers. You can send surveys as frequently as you'd like via email or text and employees don't have to sign in to anything or make a login.


TINYpulse lets you send anonymous engagement surveys like eNPS, but with more extensive survey options.

The platform also other people management features like performance management and Recognition & Rewards.


The "perfect" HR tech stack will look very different per company—based on your particular company's size, culture and industry—and change over time.

Getting the necessary tools is crucial, but you'll want to be mindful of how many touch points, logins and softwares every employee will have to use. Where possible, try to use products in this list that have multiple functions.

Share this list with your HR professionals and ask which online tools they use for a happier, more productive work environment. 😄

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