11 Virtual Team Building Activities for Work That Are Actually Fun

Learn easy ways to increase employee connection when everyone works remote

Updated on November 1, 2020

Connection is at the heart of your company's success. Without it, employees grow detached, uninterested and have little to look forward to at work.

It takes conscious effort and planning to give employees reasons to connect at work, but one of the most sustainable ways to foster connection is with team building activities—virtual style!


What Is Virtual Team Building?

Teambuilding.com describes 'virtual team building' as "the intentional development of strong teams that work remotely."

According to a study by Gusto, 37% of employees say “working with a great team” is their primary reason for staying. Your employees need to work as a team that communicates efficiently and trusts eachother.

Working remote makes employee connection more challenging, but not impossible. Alfresco did a study in 2015 that revealed 83 percent of workers rely on technology to collaborate. In 2020 and a post-covid world, that number's certainly closer to 100 percent!


8 Virtual Team Building Activities for Work

Working in a fully remote company gets lonely, especially if you opt to work at home instead of a coworking space. However, if you are committed to fostering community and building company culture, working remote can be just as connective as working in person!


1. Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual happy hours are fun for everyone and easy to organize. You can either organize them as a company or encourage employees to plan their own happy hours within their team or department.

Set aside a specific time frame for virtual happy hour, say every other week for 45 minutes to an hour.


2. Virtual Campfire

Think you need wood, a fire and a campground to have campfire camaraderie? Think again!

Use tiny campfire to host a virtual campfire for the entire company, or organize it yourself by either mailing or instructing employees to get:

  • a campfire candle
  • graham crackers
  • marshmallows
  • chocolate
  • wood matches
  • and tooth picks.

Once everyone's gathered around the campfire (aka in the Zoom or Google Chat) tell ghost stories, sing campfire songs and enjoy each other's company. You can even have everyone dress in their favorite plaid shirt or camping attire.

3. Online Office Games

Teambuilding.com has 90-minute games for the entire company to participate in! Their website describes it as, "Online Office Games is like a virtual office Olympics; it's mashup of fun competitions for remote workers. ...designed to create friendships, forge bonds, build skills and inspire strong team work."

4. Daily Group Chat

A short (10-15 minutes) daily meeting is one of the easiest ways for employees to get to know each other and keep the team on track. You can have the manager reiterate quarterly goals, have everyone run through their work for the day, and mention big wins from the week!


5. Virtual Brewery Tour

The craft beer lovers in your team will love this virtual brewery tour! The host company sends a package with three craft beers, two blocks of cheese, summer sausage, and water crackers to each participant!

It's on the pricier side at $90/person but it's an exciting way to reward part of your team for a big win or make new hires feel part of the team.


6. A Health-Focused Team Challenge

Working from home means more time spent inside and less motivation to get moving for the day. Incorporating a healthy challenge like a hydration challenge, push up challenge or screen time challenge, gives everyone something healthy and fun to work towards as a team!

Simply create your challenge, set goals, and make public spreadsheet for everyone to update with their results for each day. At the end of the month, you'll have a healthy winner that wins the prize of your choice!


7. Team Meditation

Working remote isn't all flex time and pajamas. It can be even more challenging to manage work-life balance and stress levels as a remote worker.

Adding in a weekly or monthly team meditation is an easy way to show employees you value work-life balance as a company and want everyone to invest in their mental health. If you want to make it extra special, send everyone a small meditation kit with essential oils, candles and even a meditation pillow or yoga mat.

You can hire a professional mediation guide, use an online meditation exercise, or play a guided meditation video from YouTube.com. Set aside 30-60 minutes for this virtual mediation and plan on using the first 10 minutes as time for employees to chat and socialize.


8. Online Cooking Class

Head over to CozyMeal.com and book a virtual cooking class for your team!

They have hundreds of different classes with exciting international food options like vegan jackfruit tacos, Japanese street fare, and pasta carbonara.


3 Virtual Icebreaker Games for Work

When a new employee joins the team, it's crucial that they feel welcomed and confident in their new team. Adding simple icebreakers every time you introduce a new hire gives them a more personal look at their coworkers from day 1!

1. Fun Facts

Create a group video chat with everyone in the department and have everyone give a quick intro and share one fun fact!


2. Share a Funny Photo

Ask everyone on the team to share a funny or embarrassing photo and tell the story behind it.


3. Ask a Question

Virtual icebreakers don't need to be complicated or expensive. All you have to do is get everyone on a group video chat and ask a question!

CozyMeal.com has hundreds of interesting icebreaker questions that are sure to get everyone laughing and engaged!

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